Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good Morning Beautiful

Good Morning Beautiful,

On this day, please remember that you have survived pure hell and you’ve survived it admirably. Whatever you didn’t finish yesterday or forgot to do, you can finish up today or tomorrow and if you don’t, who will really care? Take time today, take ten minutes…you have them, don’t tell yourself that you don’t…and meditate. Sit and breathe and center your soul.

 Find something wonderful and appreciate it, even if it’s just your first sip of coffee or your favorite pillow. Those moments of appreciation are the only true gifts we have to give ourselves. They make your day better and better days mean a life full of gratitude.  A life full of gratitude is a grand life indeed.

Dude, for the love of everything holy, do not beat yourself up if you didn’t get to the gym.  It’s okay. Eat that piece of cake that someone brought you. Cook a beautiful meal and enjoy it. Fuck that cellulite on your thighs. Put on a swimsuit or some shorts and go to the goddamned lake with a great book and a ridiculous hat.

Don’t give up on people and the world. Yes, the assholes are all out there and staying in bed and in the house with Netflix can be great but go.  Go and take a salsa dancing class. Go to a sporting event. Rent a lane and bowl some frames. Go to dinner, even if you have to do it all alone.  You are the best company there is.

Spend your money on experiences but obviously shoes and perfume are always a must. Learn to be spontaneous. Give of yourself without expectation of return and you will never go wrong. Forgive yourself because being human means being perfectly imperfect. Guilt and fear are useless emotions that will choke the life out of your life.

Remember always...
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You are a beautiful soul. Don’t forget to nurture yourself. This is going to be a great day.