Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There are good days and there are bad days and then there are exceptional days.  I had an exceptional day.  When they say money can’t buy you happiness, I know that shit is real and no matter how much money you have it can’t buy you love or acceptance or a hug.  Well it most definitely can buy you a hug and more from some hard working ladies on the corner and maybe it can get you love and some form of acceptance…like from Visa but whatever I’m not doing a write up on credit and hookers. Do you wonder though, if any working girls have those card readers on their phones? Ok, digression, the word you’re looking for is…anyway.  Money does not buy happiness.  Sheer joy comes from accomplishment, acceptance and love. I'm only 42 and I figured that out today. 

I have no money in the bank after selecting the most important of my bills to pay this month. As a matter of fact, my phone bill blasted in and I’m in the red, but guess what? I still spent most of the day with a stupid grin on my face.  Thanks to the help of TKC and her exceptional pimpage of my blog today.  It was mad fun watching the ticker tick and the comments made me cry with happy.  Then when I thought it couldn’t get much better, I got a job offer which will help me be able to pay all my bills not just the “good ones”. 

I did not let the 18 collect call attempts from the jail bother me. I did not let the crazy people coming out of the woodwork to collect things from me that HE still owes them fluster me.  I gave them the address to the jail and bade them good luck.  I was unfuckingstoppable today.
I know I will make it eventually.  I will shake it off, though probably with much less zeal than in my younger days. I know from time to time I will still find myself curled in my bed wishing I could sleep for a month.  It may take longer to get back to just crazy and not crazy, broke and desperate but I will.

So if you decide to follow me down the path to ruination…we’ll be back.  



  1. I love your writing ! Better than 50 Shades of Gray...which I cannot relate to at all ! I will be following you ! Best of Luck...from another crazy one !

  2. There's no way but up! There'll always be something to help us through a day. Sometimes it's something just enough for what we need, sometimes it's something really awesome. :)

    Found you in bloghop and now following you via GFC!


    1. I followed you back and I love your page, it's ayy-dorable. Thank you for the kind words, they always help. ~M

  3. I know your struggle. Stay strong.

  4. I just started following you today and it led me here. I'm so glad too. You sound like it's been a long road back to happy. I can understand how people "liking" you on FB can do that and we all have people that helped get us that feeling that people who don't have pages will simply not understand. It's friends that don't see us and won't judge us for where we've been but instead where we are going.
    I have had a long road myself but things are getting better. I blog too, just started and I do it for me (but it's nice when other's read and relate to it). Life is not easy but it's better then the alternative.
    Keep going and please remember you are not alone...
    Wtb?! Men and women co existing in today's challenging world:/